[BOUNTY] Ieos win 80 M (ieow) Share ieow already listed on bitxmi exchange !

[BOUNTY] Ieos win 80 M (ieow) Share ieow already listed on bitxmi exchange !

16 May 2020 Off By admin
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is an exchange and also for IEO, we are growing with an 
extraordinary scope of development, we bring exchange directly to 
you and aid you with the tools and mediums necessary for easy trade. 
We are keened to making IEO real. We are building a different 
exchange with special IEO that helps users to get profits.
During the early days of the Blockchain revolution, running an ICO
was both time consuming and fraught, Hackers, Bugs, and so many 
Hazard were just a few of the very real and ever present threats. 
Worse, there was no consistency on how an ICO was conducted; every 
startup had its own rules and custom-coded fundraising pages, 
leading to mass confusion, fraud and a high probability of occurring 
error. And then IEO emerged

Bounty Managed By Active Bounty
•Must Like, Follow and Join our all Social  media
•If you not submit your work in weekly report form. So, you can get any rewards
•Need Proof Authentication post for join every campaign
•You have to create work every week. You will not get any rewards if you submit old work
•Token Distribution after end bounty

Bounty Allocation Total supply:- 80,000,000 ieow
Bounty pool:- 5,000,000 ieow

Twitter Campaign—- 30%
Facebook Campaign—- 30%
Instagram Campaign—- 20%
Telegram Campaign—- 20%

Token Details
Token name:- ieos win
Token symbol:- ieow
Decimal:- 18
Contract:- Etherscan

Week 1(16-05/22-05)
Week 2(23-05/29-05)
To be continu…

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