[BOUNTY] Get ETH, USDC, TKP,YOUC[YOUengine]-[Round 2]

[BOUNTY] Get ETH, USDC, TKP,YOUC[YOUengine]-[Round 2]

27 May 2020 Off By admin

YOUengine Bounty: round 2  ★ 

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What is YOUengine (YOUC)?

A decentralized, tokenized advertising platform where over 200 million advertisers connect with 4 billion users who get paid to watch ads. 
YOUC token IEO/listing already hosted on P2PB2BLatoken and more IEOs/listings are coming. MVP released!

Bounty pool is 30,000,000 YOUC worth of $3M due to Latoken & other exchanges IEO price and split to 4 rounds with 7,500,000 YOUC allocated to each round.
There will be three IEOs/listings started during May-Sep on top exchanges + 2 other listings after that. Listing on CMC planned before Dec 2020.

★ YOUC payment terms ★ 
Bounty participants will be paid out with YOUC tokens during Oct. 27-31, 2020.
Tokens will be divided according to the stakes accumulated among eligible participants.

★ ETHEREUM (ETH), USDC and TKP payment terms 
Get money immediately – no need to wait for bounty distribution!

Every participant has a great possibility to get ETH, USDC and TKP by selling (if wish) any amount of YOUC bounty stakes on Tokpieexchange until Oct 19, 2020. You can sell stakes even before earning them!
For example, if you plan to earn 1 signature stake per week during 28 weeks then you can sell all 28 stakes at once even now, before stakes earning & appearing on the bounty spreadsheet. 

Bounty Duration
The YOUengine bounty will be running 28 weeks starting from April 07, 2020, to October 19, 2020. It contains 4 rounds. 
The duration of each round is 7 weeks. Link to previous round 1.

Round 2
Start: May 26, 2020
End:  July 13, 2020


Round 2 Bounty categories and allocation

Signature:                  40%
Telegram:                  10%
Facebook:                  10%
Twitter:                      10%
Reddit:                       10%
LinkedIn:                    10%
Comments:                 10%

1. All Participants need to join YOUengine telegram channel

2. All participants must join the YOUengine Telegram Chat Group and make at least 1 constructive comment.

3. All participants must follow the YOUengine Twitter Page and Facebook Page and retweet/repost the pinned post.

4. Talking about the bounty program in the YOUengine chat group will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign and an instant ban from the company chat group.
Please ask your bounty related questions only in the Bounty Group.

5. Please note that any offensive or inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign.

6. Using multiple accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. You will be disqualified from the bounty program immediately and all of your accounts will be banned permanently.

7. The tokens will be distributed after the bounty campaign comes to the end.

8. The bounty manager and the YOUengine team reserve the right to make changes to the conditions at any time.

9. KYC is not required for the bounty campaign. 

10. Users with Bitcointalk Red/negative trust can not participate on that bounty.



Week 1 (May 26 – Jun 01)
Week 2 (Jun 02 – Jun 08)
Week 3 (Jun 09 – Jun 15)
Week 4 (Jun 16 – Jun 22)
Week 5 (Jun 23 – Jun 29)
Week 6 (Jun 30 – Jul 06)
Week 7 (Jul 07 – Jul 13)

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