[BOUNTY] WhalesHeaven P2P Exchange! 300 000$! Weekly payments

[BOUNTY] WhalesHeaven P2P Exchange! 300 000$! Weekly payments

13 June 2020 Off By admin

Looking for a reliable project? Seek no more!


WhalesHeaven has partnered up with Guarda Wallet to deliver better multisigs to crypto community

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About the platform:

WhalesHeaven is a peer-to-peer swapping platform with a decentralized deal process that rethinks the atomic swaps!
It’s every crypto users dream to have control over their coins. WhalesHeaven platfrom never accesses your crypto and uses multisigs to control the deal flow. Your crypto stays in your control all the time which is never the case with other exchanges.
WHT token will be used only to provide perks for users of the WhalesHeaven platfrom. Anyone who owns a WHT token can exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. Later on WHT token will also be used for getting perks. There is only one way to earn a WHT token which is to contribute to marketing efforts. Tokens will not be sold directly to users. Earned tokens can be exchanged on an auction directly in the WhalesHeaven platfrom.

About the WHT token:

ProtocolERC 20
Tokens issued50 000 000 WHT
Bounty campaign30 000 000 WHT
Reserve20 000 000 WHT
Base price0,01 USD
Issued per weekAccording to token distribution model
  • WHT is listed on WhalesHeaven platfrom
  • Base price of WHT on WhalesHeaven is 0,01 USD
  • Tokens are given directly only to participants of marketing campaign
  • The token will be used to pay a utility fee on WhalesHeaven platfrom
  • 60 percent of issued tokens will be distributed during first 52 weeks
  • Reserved tokens might be injected partially or fully into the bounty pool to support prices of performed tasks or extend a particular campaign pool. Reserved tokens might also be destroyed later on. The team won’t get any share of it
  • To participate you have to register here, and be accepted by the manager
  • You have to provide a report in this thread at least once a week. Work done on a particular week must be reported on the same week. Belated reports will not be counted.
  • Stakes are calculated weekly based on the token amount allocated for this week. Check the full model of token distribution here
  • Token distribution of a particular campaign might be adjusted towards a better performing campaign
  • The adjustment might occur once a week on monday
  • Tokens are distributed to participants monthly. First month weekly not later than Wednesday
  • A week cycle starts on Monday 00:00 (UTC +3)
  • A week cycle ends on Sunday 23:59 (UTC +3). It’s the last day when you can submit report for that week
  • You may create auctions with WHT token using WhalesHeaven platfrom. Minimum action amount is according to WhalesHeaven platfrom
  • Until token is listen on an external exchange, base WHT price will be set to 0,01 USD.
  • Follow us on social media to be intact with latest updates about WhalesHeaven
  • Weekly reports must be created as a separate post. Overridden posts will not get counted
  • A bounty hunter gets permanent and irreversible ban for any kind of cheating, spam, and misbehavior. Banned participant loses all earned stacks.
  • Users with red trust are not allowed for participation.
  • Campaign lasts for fifty two weeks
  • Join bounty telegram group here
  • Write proof of authentication in this thread

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