[NEWS] TOZEX-CryptoAsset Platform for Issuing, Financing & Trading

[NEWS] TOZEX-CryptoAsset Platform for Issuing, Financing & Trading

19 June 2020 Off By admin

What is Tozex?

Tozex is a financing platform which combines a token issuance module “Tokenpad” allowing to launch a token based crowdfunding campaign (ICO, STO and BRO) with an embedded crypto asset market place.

What are the key features of the platform ?

Tokenpad allowing to issue your token based fundraising contract (ICO, STO and BRO). Automated listing if token undergo a series of mandatory compliance checks. Liquidity management mechanism: 5% of the total supply of each issued tokens will be allocated to the liquidity reserve fund. Multi-currency wallet: unified place to store all of the traded tokens. Decentralized orderbook: eliminates the possibility of order book manipulations.

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What is Tozex ecosystem?

TOZEX bring a reliable, transparent and user-friendly platform design to provide a unique gateway for token issuance, financing & trading. Management of all the phases of the token life cycle in one place creates a very efficient ecosystem which aligns the interest of all the stakeholders of this new token-based economy area. TOZEX aims to protect the interests of token issuers, investors and traders by creating an innovative entire ecosystem.

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Smart Contract.

Our platform uses the power of smart contract as a trustless third party to manage the issuance of tokens (utility, payment or securities) maintain by an open source library.
The decentralized exchange order book managing bids and asks stay publicly auditable by any one avoiding opacity and market manipulation.


The user interface is designed to be friendly to improve user experience without neglected security.
Our trading & issuing token’s functionalities are developed to facilitate the interaction of our users with the current crypto asset ecosystem.


One of the main characteristic of blockchain is to bring transparency among stakeholders (regulators, companies, investors, traders …).

Moreover the vote of our community is an important fact to list a new crypto asset on our platform after an internal due diligence.

Agnostic Blockchain Solution

Our platform is a blockchain agnostic solution for our users to choose the most suitable blockchain network of their choice (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, RSK, Credits) depending on their use cases (Finance, Art, Music, Supply chain …).

Tozex has been designed to facilitate the tokenization of our current economy and aims to protect the interests of entrepreneurs, investors and traders.

What is the main goal of the project?

TOZEX has been designed to facilitate the tokenization of our current economy within one ecosystem for all the stakeholders. TOZEX aims to align the interests of entrepreneurs, investors and traders to bring them into a fully regulated and transparent ecosystem.

What is the concept of this project?

Basically, Tozex is a fundraising platform which use blockchain technology for SMEs raising capital. TOZEX allows to set up a token based crowdfunding campaign dedicated to finance SMEs project with an embedded trading market place.

What is the Tokenpad module?

The decentralized Tokenpad module allows to issue, manage and distribute tokens without help and trust from a costly third party. It facilitates the use of the Blockchain technology for token issuance and distribution by using an open source library of smart contracts. No specific skills required at cost efficient. Fully automated and regulated for ICO & STO.

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TOZEX team is focused to build sustainable ecosystem which materialize our vision of token based economy. TOZEX will continue to grow substantially in the future according to the following roadmap.

Q1 2020

Private BRO limited to 150 investors

Partnerships extension with international Accelerators & Incubators

TOZEX Pre beta version :

– Smart contract ERC20, ICO and Multisig externaly audited

– Activation of KYC/AML checks

– Buying Cryptocurrency with credit card.

– Investor data requierements activated

Q2 2020

Public BRO investment launched

Tozex Beta version :

– UI/UX interface refactored

– Smart contract : STO and BRO integrated

– Software and Hardware Wallet gateway integrations

– Deposit and Withdraw swap functions

– Decentralized order book enabled

Q3 2020

First quarter BRO interests distributed.

Listing TOZ token exclusively on our exchange

First financed projects

Compliance with international standards – ISO/TC307

Q4 2020

Tozex final version published

Second quarter BRO interests distributed.

OTC desk service

USA & JAPAN Financial services licence (FIAT Deposit)

Meet Our Team

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Website: https://tozex.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m_LdMgz5V654BKv6buBYJOJCEJgNwmLy/view?usp=sharing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tozexofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tozexofficial/

Telegram: https://t.me/tozexofficial

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/tozexofficial/

Medium: https://medium.com/@tozex

ETH: 0xAF153C0f58e671e4aD01AE6b089DeCEebcfFb0cb

Author : phungploi