[NEWS] What is ORIGINATE (ORC) Token?

[NEWS] What is ORIGINATE (ORC) Token?

17 July 2020 0 By admin

What is ORC Token?

ORIGINATE Coin (ORC) is a new cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology of Ethereum ECR20 token. ORC Coin is designed and manufactured to be compatible with all major currency exchanges.

Ethereum technology allows the ORIGINATE Coin token to eventually be traded at high rates / frequencies and to become the highest standard in cryptocurrency exchanges. Origin of Coin with low risk. With ORIGINATE Coin each key owner has direct control over their own token balance in a private and secure manner which is one of ORIGINATE Coin’s strengths.

ORIGINATE Coin is run on the Ethereum platform because of the solidity of the Ethereum platform, on ORIGINATE Coin anyone can set up a button to copy the data needed for all nodes to reach an agreement and get people use compensation. This allows ORIGINATE Coin users to remain private and ORIGINATE Coin Currency Transaction is decentralized.

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Invest in native tokens ORIGINATE Coin (ORC)

One of the most promising technology Blockchain is one of the most promising new technologies in recent years and may be even bigger in the future. This is a distributed ledger technology that underpins ORIGINATE Coin (ORC). Provides a new way to record and transfer data. It is transparent, safe, testable and protects against power outages and natural disasters affecting user access to the Internet.

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Token info

  • Ticker: ORC
  • Platform: Ethereum 
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Available for sale: 300,000,000 ORC (60%) 
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 ORC

Tokensale Stages

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June 21 20201 

ETH = 1250 ORC

Up To 20% Bonus

10000000 OR


July 22, 20201 

ETH = 1250 ORC

up to 15% bonus

20000000 ORC 


August 21, 2020 – September 22, 20201 

ETH = 1250 ORC

up to 10% bonus

30000000 ORC 


November – December 2019

Initial Coin Offering and promotion, Token diffusion and promotion, Social Media Campaign

Jan, Feb, Mar 2020

Project review and development of new smart contracts based Originate Coin post-project review finding

Aprl- June 2020

Implementation of new smart contracts

July- August 2020

Pre-sale, Ico, Airdrops

September- November 2020

IEO- Bounty

Dec 2020- Jan 2021

Exchange Listing, website update for more unic


Coming Soon 

Website: https://originatecoin.com/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jkjX2neCxmfLVpWIuTYCMP_gqWxxDKzJ/view?usp=sharing

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/CoinORIGINATE

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Originate-Coin-104240094599363

Telegram: https://t.me/ORIGINATECoin

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ETH: 0xAF153C0f58e671e4aD01AE6b089DeCEebcfFb0cb

Author : phungploi