What Is Extons Exchange? Development history of the platform

What Is Extons Exchange? Development history of the platform

30 July 2020 0 By admin

What Is Extons Exchange?

Extons is known as a binary market for Forex, securities and online cryptocurrency trading publicly with the decentralized platform of blockchain equipped with optimal security for user convenience and Member of the platform, Extons supports multiple currencies with different values ​​and different trading pairs. This platform is also a way to gain benefits with the growing cryptocurrency industry in recent years. The corporation that expands your respective spending can be self-assured and in the event that you often cannot tolerate worldwide in the future by using reasonably priced technology innovations along with the right price range. physical. Demonstration Extons provides 24-hour live concierge service to ensure customers run efficiently along with deals, not really unqualified for more major markets. External transactions will also be charged a low fee.

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Development history of the platform.

Established for the first time in 2016 and has grown rapidly, now has more than 700,000 members and more! The platform itself has also undergone a number of changes since 2016 and they continue to work to ensure it’s fast, accurate and easy to use. Extos is a special project and it is very clear that they prioritize the security and transparency of this project. Their community is getting bigger. I advise everyone to participate and keep up the development. This option (TON) – TRC20: TON is used as a payment method in Thisoption Ecosystem published by Thisoption Limited on the TRON network. As we all know, the Tron Network can process 25,000 transactions per second – more than six Bitcoin or 25 Ethereum. This network is able to do this by using DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake), a consensus mechanism that allows a large number of transactions. Extons, has implemented a very well done graphical analysis model, for user convenience and comfort.

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The power of Exton can also be truly advanced as well as stable, including a reasonably responsive multi-modal framework that also needs guidance in currency trading, ensuring a stable process in our techniques. . The design has been very well implemented forward and forward, along with our multi-modality, increased ability and convenience, no doubt, and good service for all users .. … to track the transition to Thisoption, Leadership and New Development Team in July. Extons believes this product will please you in the last few months, Extons believes this product will take this option up a bit. a new level. Extons provide a person with a cryptocurrency currency change called EXTONS. IO, out of 5 ecosystems. Not only that, their services are spread out throughout the world and are easily accessible. Investors from all walks of life can invest in potential projects, helping businesses accomplish their asset use goals without hassle.

Website: https://www.extons.io/

Website: https://thisoption.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.extons.io/whitepaper

Telegram: https://t.me/thisoption

Medium: https://medium.com/@thisoption.com

ETH: 0xAF153C0f58e671e4aD01AE6b089DeCEebcfFb0cb

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