Faucet DOGE

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Welcome to Faucet CoinP DOGE Coin Faucet !

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You do not need to create account here, but DOGE address you enter should be linked with your Faucetpay.io account.

Total Paid

22,215,050,910 Dogetoshi

Important notification !  
-Today I have decided to eliminate the minimum payment of 2 DOGE to 0.00000001 DOGE.  
-The payment will automatically take place every 20 minutes.


But who has not received the payment after 20 minutes, please “Register Faucetpay.io” and link the “address DOGE“.

Get 0.1-0.6 DOGE every 15 minutes

Faucet stop “Out of budget” 😭😭😭

Earn 15% lifetime commission from your referrals.

https://faucetcoinp.xyz/index.php/faucet-doge/?r=Your Address

Check DOGE

Payments are made once a week on Sundays to addresses with more than 2 DOGE Coin.

Check your Dogecoin Address statistic